Sunday, May 17, 2009


Lemons - woo hoo. Another one from last summer. I had a hard time with the blending of the shades because the acrylic paint dries so fast. I will probably try to do a few more like this in oil. It's a fun painting.

The Shack

All the photos that I took last year are kind of funky. They look a little distorted because of the angle.

This is my house, painted last August. I spent a loooong time on this, and did it from a photo. The angles and perspective were tough. The background trees are my favorite part, and that was what I was the most nervous about and saved it for last. Just shows you that you can't let your fear take over.

The part that really sucks is the road-that-looks-like-a-badly-painted-stream.

But I still like this painting - it was one of my first and I like the bright colors and the lounge chair.


I did this in July or August of 08. There were things about it that I liked - the flowers (snapdragons) are loose and vibrant. The shape of the pitcher is nice. The fabric is stiff and hard looking. But flowers are a lot of fun to paint, because I don't get all wrapped in the perfection, I just go with the color, light and shape. I wish I could do that with everything - but hopefully time will get me there. I should probably do more flowers because it loosens me up. I can be a prissy little painter :)

Four Pears

This is actually 4 little paintings done on canvas paper and then glued to a canvas. I think I did it in July '08. I was doing little studies trying to figure out how to use acrylic paint. I started with acrylic by the way, because I was intimidated by oils and thought acrylic would be easier. That turned out not to be the case, for me anyway.

I like this little painting.

Try Again

This is my second attempt at a painting blog. I didn't like the name of the other one and I never posted anything. So I decided to get back to basics, call it what it is - "Meg Temple's Studio". I want to use it to keep track of my painting progress, and to share the work with my friends, family and other artists.

Feedback is more than welcome - good, bad, and indifferent. The more feedback I get, the better my painting will become.

I will try to post a few times a week and include paintings. Initially I will post a bunch of stuff because I have a backlog of paintings. I'm going to start with the oldest and post until I am up to date.