Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Work in Progress 2

Stopped by the studio on my way home from work and did a little more work on this painting. Also started prepping a small canvas to paint something small for the Open Studio on 9/25 - 9/26. I'm going to try to paint at least 3 smaller paintings in time for that weekend.

I worked on the chairs and I'm getting closer, but spent the most time on the porch and the background. The black lines on the porch need to be toned down. So far so good with this painting.

Two new things I've discovered that I LOVE: Filbert brushes and Windsor Newton Naples Yellow. The brushes because they allow me to both push the paint around freely - they're sort of soft and flexible - but also create straight lines and details. Naples yellow because it is a really great, pale shade of yellow. Before this I had used Cadmium Yellow and Lemon Yellow - both great colors but they are very strong and bright. Naples is like a creamy, soft, mellow yellow (to quote Donovan).

Every day that I paint is like experiencing a little miracle.

Work in Progress

This is what's on my easel today. I'm painting from a photo that I took this summer at the cottage we rented. I'm doing something different with this painting (every painting I try something different) - I'm starting by blocking in the large color areas with thin layers of paint mixed with mineral spirits. First I painted the entire canvas orange using acryllic, which, if I don't completely cover it up, should give the whole painting a warmer feeling. I'm trying to get across the feeling of a warm summer day.

The chairs are a bit tough because of the angles - and I painted out the trunk of the tree so I could work on the background without muddying it up with the brown from the tree. I'm also changing a few things - there is no house in the background, but it sort of painted itself in :)

Since I took this photo I've removed and restarted the chairs. They are the focal point of the picture so I need them to be right.