Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is 22 months too long between blog posts?

Well well, here I am. I feel as though I have stepped out of a cloud and back to crisp, bright blue clarity. Cerulean blue.

It's been a long time. Lots of things have happened - got a new job, worked many hours and had a hard time separating work from life which didn't leave time for art.  I did have time for my son, of course. He probably would have preferred if I had backed off a bit because he's a senior in high school - which makes me an awkward annoyance with a wallet.

After not painting for well over a year - almost two -  I started again a couple of weeks ago. I have kept my studio this whole time, but rarely went and when I did I just sort of puttered around. I was completely and totally blocked.

I still struggle to get to the studio, but I started painting at home with acrylics.  Painting with acrylics is completely different than painting with oils and I'm learning all over again. I'm going to post one of them, even though it's kind of embarrassing, but the whole point of this blog - and my art - was to focus on THE PROCESS, not the end result.

I lost sight of that.

Acrylic painting of buildings called Shapes and Colors
Shapes and Colors

My focus right now is to learn what I can do with acrylic paint and reveal the shapes and colors (hence the title) rather than the subject matter. That's hard for me to do because I'm the most literal artist in the world (poetry is usually a mystery to me.) With oils I can goop it on and move the paint around and things blend and overlap and do wonderful things. Acrylic dries very fast so no gooping and moving unless it happens in 5 minutes; instead I've been doing many thin thin layers of paint. I'd like to get to a where my acrylic paintings are less literal and more painterly.