Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Yellow Raft on Blue Water

Michael Dorris wrote a wonderful book "A Yellow Raft on Blue Water" that I read a long time ago. This painting makes me think of that, and it makes me sad. Michael Dorris was a great writer but a very tormented man - married to and then divorced from Louise Erdrich. He had a sad life - as a single guy he adopted Native American kids, and then learned they all had fetal alcohol syndrome. One was hit by a car and died. Later one of his other kids accused him of sexual abuse, and he killed himself in 1997.

So now that I've cheered you up with that lovely tale...

This is a painting of a raft on Long Sought For Pond (the greatest name for a pond EVER). It is another small one - 4x6 and painted on gessoed watercolor paper - and it was a quick one to warm up.   I may do another one on canvas and a bit bigger and see if I can do a better job on the water.