Monday, May 18, 2009

Name that animal

This little creature was munching on grass across the canal from my studio. I really hope this isn't a giant rat because it would lose the cuteness factor immediately.

What is this?

UPDATE: 3/19 - It is a groundhog - thanks Vicki and Mary - here's the official-it-never-lies-source-of-all-truth-Wikipedia description.


  1. Its a woodchuck! they are all over the place around the studios. I get them in my backyard a lot here in NH. ~Vicki

  2. Right-o It's a woodchuck or groundhog. They copiously eat flowers and garden stuff. They are a relative of the rodent called marmots ;)
    All this from Wiki-pedia, Meg.
    I have been following Carol since she began her blog and took her 3 day class in Jacksonville, in March. She is wonderful and I learned to THINK about each stroke. Only one of her valuable lessons. I could have used more time with her.
    Did you really come in late and rearrange the tables?
    I can tell you know how to paint.

  3. Thanks Vicki and Mary for checking visiting my blog!

    Yes, I really did rearrange the tables. Not all of them, but because I was late there was only one spot on a shared table and I haven't mastered the art of painting without spreading everything all over the place.

    I registered for the class and really had no idea what it was going to be like. I didn't even know who Carol was. I live in Westford so I signed up via our community center. It was a fantastic surprise and a little overwhelming. But I got so much from it - I completely agree with you on the thinking about each stroke - it made a big difference for me. Although sometimes I forget that :)