Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Mr. Salt Chef Guy

Took a break from the fruit. This is a little salt shaker that I think my friend Nadia gave me years ago. I don't know what happened to the pepper (I have a lot of lonely shakers). This was so much fun to paint and I flew through it. I think I need to take more of a break from fruit.

Fruit is a great learning tool though because it is really challenging to capture the color and light.

I am trying to paint a lot of 4x6 panel paintings for the Lowell Open Studios at the end of September.

Have to figure out how to frame these.

I added a photo so you can see what my little still life set up is like. For some reason this cracks me up.


  1. hi! I found your post on wetcanvas, with the fruit and loved the painting! Had to come find your blog:) I'm a lurker on wetcanvas so far (I keep meaning to get more familiar with it, but forget!) It seems like a great site-I'm not good at keeping up with all the groups online...anyway, just wanted to say I think you do lovely work-I look forward to visiting again!

  2. Hi Trish - sad to say that I just saw your comment - over a month late! Thank you for visiting. I haven't been on WetCanvas in a while, I need to go back - but I too have trouble juggling everything between FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogger - :) But WC is a great site.