Saturday, July 10, 2010

Flip flops again

I enjoyed painting the other flip flops so much that I painted another pair today. There is a bit of glare in the upper right because the paint is still wet.

I like the two paintings together. Is it a reflection on their personalities that Audrey places her flip flops neatly side by side and Olivia just leaves them where they fall?

Olivia's Flip Flops
Oil on 5x7 Panel


  1. Love the flip flops! Sometimes the simplest things make the best little paintings. I see the Carol Marine influence (that's a compliment!) And, I agree, great together. I like series of themed paintings. Do you have a good frame resource for these little ones? I tried a Dick Blick 6x6 frame but the panels are a smidge too big.

  2. Ah - Carol Marine - I took her workshop and watching her paint is pretty amazing. I WISH I had her command of color and paint.

    I haven't yet bought frames - I'm procrastinating about it. It is so hard to tell online how something will look. But I plan to start opening my studio in Sept so I really need to buy frames. I wonder what Carol uses? Since Karin is a framer by trade she probably makes her own.

  3. It is exciting to see that you are successfully painting! I think your work looks the flipflops and the little girl at the beach...wonderful!

  4. Hi Christine! Good to hear from you and thank you. Your paintings look great - love the one of the bridge. You are painting up a storm!

  5. Oh -and I followed your blog added you to my blog links :)

  6. The flip flops are great. Strong composition with both little paintings. Really like the luminous background on this one.