Monday, July 26, 2010

When the going gets tough, the tough paint a bunch of stuff around it

When I first started painting, I did a lot of fruit. Fruit is plentiful and colorful so I focussed on fruit and veggies because there is an endless supply. But I find them pretty hard to paint.

I decided to see if it had gotten any easier. It hasn't. This time though, instead of wiping the whole thing off, I got silly instead. It was kind of fun to do.

It's a Pear Party
Oil on 12x16 deep canvas
I was hoping that I would be better at not overworking the painting. I'm not. Because a pear is a smooth object, with subtle variations in color and tone - I really struggle with finding just the right shade to lay down and end up redoing it over and over. I'm going to keep trying though - so be prepared to be inundated with more fruit.


  1. Hi Meg,
    I emailed you but never heard from you. Maybe it went into your spam folder. I'll do it this way. My studio is sooo hot, as well, so I have been painting from home. Your blog is awesome. Thanks for leaving me a comment. I will link you to my blog.

  2. Hi Karen - I don't remember getting your email so I'm glad you connected. I love your paintings - the brush strokes and use of color are fantastic. I have never done plein air - too intimidated, but with company perhaps I'd be more brave :). I'll send you an email and maybe we can meet for coffee or painting.

  3. Hi Meg! Nice to connect with you here. I'll never forget your stay (the nuns) in NYC for Karin's workshop - you are a funny lady :) Anyway I really like your blog and your work so glad your sharing it with us. Come visit me if you get a moment and lets def stay in touch ♥

  4. I think the green pears are whispering about the red one - I hope they say something nice - because they're all beautiful! Lovely painting!